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Car Rental South Africa:
Car Rental Guide for online car rental & car hire in Upington, South Africa. Competitive car hire rates. All vehicle types - sedan, 4x4, SUV, minivan & pick-up.



Bound by the Orange River and the Kalahari, Upington is the principal city in the Northern Region, an ideal winter holiday resort with all the modern conveniences on the major routes to Namibia and Kalahari, Augrabies, Fish River Canyon and Northern Cape.

Mention Upington and the mind conjures up visions of a desolate, sun baked, southern Kalahari desert town, where man's existence is a daily struggle. But how wrong can one be.

Through this harsh landscape that surrounds Upington runs a glittering green ribbon - the fertile Orange River Valley which brings life-giving water from the distant highlands of Lesotho to the town.

Upington is a town of beautifully landscaped gardens, many rose beds and large, graceful trees - all wrapped in a geniune atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

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